Natural family planning - The symptothermal method

   What is the symptothermal method

   The symptothermal method consists of determining the fertile days of the female menstrual cycle. There are different symptoms, such as body temperature, quality of the cervical mucus (discharge) and the position, stiffness and openess of the cervix, that will help you to easily find out whether ovulation has taken place. If a woman approximately knows the moment of her ovulation, she can determine the fertile and infertile days of her menstrual cycle, using the symptothermal method as contraceptive or as a way of increasing her chance of getting pregnant.

   Above all, this method will allow any user to get to know their own body better, it enables the woman to understand a body language that was previously unknown to her. It makes it easier to understand the various stages of the menstrual cycle, and makes the user aware of any changes within them.

   The symptothermal method is barely known in Spain, furthermore it is misunderstood, because there are a lot of other forms of natural family planning out there and they are being confused with each other (Temperature, Calendar or Oigno, Billings method, etc.)

   Every other natural family planning method has a much higher Pearl Index than the symptothermal method, which is 0.4. It can be said, that it is just as safe as the pill, and even safer than an intrauterine device (IUD), if the couple stays abstinent during fertile days. If the couple wants to have sex during that period, contraceptives such as condoms, diaphragms or a combination of both can be used. These contraceptives must be used on fertile days; as on fertile days you CANNOT have unprotected sex.

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