Natural family planning – The symptothermal method

   The symptothermal method and trying to get pregnant

   Around 60% of all women wanting to get pregnant, succeed within the first 6 months, of trying this method. But when the woman falls pregnant later, it doesn't have to be due to a specific reason, either.

   Some women simply don’t get pregnant, because they never have sex on their fertile days. Maybe they just think that their most fertile days are half-way through the cycle, when in fact it is a lot more variable than that. Other women have very irregular or long menstrual cycles. Therefore it is useful to have a list of signs and symptoms in order to determine fertile days:

   - Cervical mucus: The chance of falling pregnant is higher on days, with better quality cervical mucus or when the temperature is rising, and on the three days following the respective events.

   - Cervix: The possibility of getting pregnant is higher, when the cervix is open, tender and sits high in the vagina.

   - Other symptoms, that are greatly dependent on the person are abdominal pains and intermenstrual bleeding.

   Depending on how often somebody has sex: It is not necessary, as sometimes thought, to have sex on every fertile day. As a matter of fact it could actually be better to miss two or three days.