Natural family planning - The symptothermal method


    On this web site we are trying to offer a concise but detailed overview of natural family planning methods or natural contraceptive methods but especially concentrate on the symptothermal method. Here a little overview:

  - What is the symptothermal method
  - A broad description of how the symptothermal method works
  - An in-depth description of how the method works
  - Safety of the symptothermal method
  - Other natural family planning methods or natural contraceptives
  - How to get pregnant with the symptothermal method
  - Use of the symptothermal method after the pill
  - Use of the symptothermal method after using the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)
  - The menstrual cycle

    The main idea behind natural contraception and family planning is to understand that your body is something completely natural, just like the changes that affect your fertility, during your menstrual cycles.

    It takes a couple of minutes a day, of observing the female body and the transformations it goes through during a cycle, in order to fully understand and to be able to use the symptothermal method correctly. You will have to get used to a certain observation routine, and discipline, which at first won't seem very "worthwhile" or practical to some people, but you cannot just start using a family planning method or contraceptive that does not harm your body at all, by stuffing it with foreign substances, like that, when you are about to learn more about something really interesting: Your menstrual cycle and how your body changes. Finding out about something that you have never really noticed (maybe the mood swings before your period); all the hormonal changes that actually come about less silently than you could have ever been aware of.

    This method is not only useful to a woman that wants to find a natural contraceptive: It is also useful to couples that want to have children, or a single woman that just wants to find out about the causes of her (pre-)menstrual troubles.

   At this point, we would like to say that, the symptothermal method is completely non-denominational and in addition is not affiliated with any religious doctrine.

    Furthermore, this web site should only be considered as an introduction to the symptothermal method and bring the idea across that the rules to follow are relatively straightforward. If you are interested and would like to start using the method, we recommend you to turn to books or a professional that can personally introduce you and guide you through the process.

    We would suggest you to try out this method, even if it is only to get to know yourself a little better.

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